About Us


-  To provide necessary resources to students and faculty members of our college.

-  To promote the records of human knowledge and update them in accordance with the growing technology and requirements.

-  To provide individuals and group guidance to the readers in the use of library and its resources with practical demonstration on how to search and retrieve the information at the least possible time.

-  To educate our library staff with the latest technology and developments to provide quality service to the user community.

Quality Policy

To adopt the procedure in imparting the Quality Policy of our College in Providing Quality Technical Education on par with Global Standards.

"C. Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering & Technology strives to establish a system of quality assurance to continuously address, monitor and evaluate the quality of education offered to students, thus promoting effective teaching learning process for students' benefits and making our institution a centre of excellence in engineering and technological studies."

Our Resources

Our Central Library is a three storey building and a place of attraction for the Users which provides them a scholarly environment in their learning process.

Our College encourages both students and faculty members to use the available resources of our Central Library to its optimum level. Our library has vast collection of Books, Journals, E-Books, E-Journals, Non-Book materials, in Engineering, Science & Technology, Humanities and Management. It has separate collection for Reference Books, Bound Volumes of Journals, Project Reports, SC/ST book bank collection, Compact Discs, Audio Cassettes, Video Cassettes, Floppy.

Our Team

-  A. Fahim Sheriff, Librarian

-  A.S. Abdul Khuddus, Library Assistant

-  K.O. Anees Ahmed, Library Assistant

-  T.M. Abdullah Basha, Library Assistant